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a moment to myself —
the good part about having a joint graduation party
is getting to escape
my bedroom smells like rose petals,
the housekeeper must’ve just left
the dresses in the hamper now hanging in the closet
once again looking their best
in shades of white and blue —
school colors
even though i no longer have to follow the dress code

soft footsteps on the stairs,
a faint hint of watermelon in the air
you apologize, but you’re smiling
i just like exploring 
your smile grows wider as you take it all in:
high ceilings sloping to a point
pale wood floor reflecting the light from the window nook
walk-in closet filled with frocks
walls a pristine white
bedroom turned museum from a life lived elsewhere

i can see why she chose to have a joint party here 
your house is so much nicer than hers,
the honesty in your voice a breath of fresh air

you slide into the window nook,
your updo coming undone
as you point with delight
at the people playing cricket on the lawn —
a set of collectible dolls 
there’s that laugh again

you have the best place  
don’t you feel just like god up here? 

i used to,
back when i came here every summer
back when the walls were pale pink —
but you get up right as i’m about to tell you,
disappear as quickly as you came
i watch you run onto the grass,
small as anyone else now
striking your ball clean into the hoop
like you were part of the set all along

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