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this is how love affairs start,
late-afternoon sunlight beaming through the windows
as i chase you down the long hallway,
pale blue towels wrapped around our waists
our long hair swinging from side to side
the ring of the bell at the ice cream shop,
french vanilla
extra scoop on the house, always
bright blue mornings
cream-colored afternoons
watermelon-scented dreams

she texts us both
complaining of boredom,
an current of accusation
underscoring her dispatches to me
that i don’t want to address

we keep our phones out of reach,
quality time
my arms around your neck,
hands in your hair
the first time: neither awkward nor painful,
no awkward stares
no invasive questions about the surgery
the subsequent times: each better than the one before

the hours pass differently with you,
lying out on the lawn where the sprinklers can’t get us
sporting little white jumpers
like society girls in a slim aarons photograph
or walking along the beach,
a wide-brimmed hat shielding your face
my own full of freckles from the sun

driving out at night with the top down,
our favorite singer almost drowned out
by the wind in our faces
you: a pale figure in the moonlight
as you slip your dress over your head
tossing it back to me
kicking up sand in your mad dash to the ocean
whooping with delight
as the cold waves crash over your toes

me: all smiles
as i bring your lips to mine,
feeling your smooth body in the water
the waves gently swaying us back and forth
looking up at the moon behind the silver clouds

you make me feel
like nothing bad will happen again

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